Mar 29

DOJO Bar web banners – available for your blog and website

Hi DOJO Bar fans and friends. Here are a selection of web banners for you to freely use on your website or blog and link back to our DOJO Bar website (www.dojobarnaha.com). Just save the web banner image you like from this page to your PC, upload to your website image library and then add to your webpage along with this HTML code:

< a href=”www.dojobarnaha.com” target=”_blank” >< img src=”put your img url here” ></a >

Once you have added a DOJO Bar banner and link to your website, we’d really appreciate it if you could post the page link to our Facebook page too so we know and can thank you!

Find us on Facebook here – http://www.facebook.com/DOJObarnaha

Banner 1: Vertical static image, suitable for narrow side column spaces on your website

Banner 2: Horizontal static image, suitable for wider side column, top or bottom spaces on your website


Banner 3: A 3 image GIF showing a little more of the great atmosphere at the DOJO Bar!