Aug 13

Its Obon in Okinawa and Half price Awamori cocktail weekend @ The DOJO

This weekend Okinawans are observing the Obon festival when the spirits of dead ancestors are believed to return to the family home to visit their descendants. Okinawan families get together to enjoy the company of the living (and the dead) and many people take a little time off over this weekend and relax.

At The DOJO we thought we’d offer you something a little special so all our Awamori cocktails are HALF PRICE all weekend!!! So come on over and try our original cocktail list today. Mattemasu yo:)


Some of our DOJO awamori cocktails - The Ichigeki, The Pinan, The Naihanchi and The Hakutsuru

Jul 31

Welcome to the DOJO Bar – Okinawa’s only Karate and Kobudo theme bar

The DOJO opened on July 29th with an invitation-only party attended by many high-ranking Okinawan Karate and Kobudo Sensei, including Arakaki Sensei (10th Dan Matsubayashi-ryu), Taira Yoshitaki Sensei (10th Dan Matsubayashi-ryu), Yogi Sensei (Konan-ryu/Matayoshi Kobudo), Senaha Sensei (9th Dan Goju-ryu), Gibo Sensei (Goju-ryu), Matsuda Sensei (10th Dan Shorin-ryu), Akamine Hiroshi Sensei (Shihan Menkyo Ryukyu Kobudo/Shorin-ryu), famous Karateka and actor Yagi Akihito of Meibukan Goju-ryu, as well his his brother and friends and many many more.

The invitational party was followed by our first BIG SATURDAY event which featured ALL DRINKS AT HALF PRICE. That’s right – HALF PRICE!!! We had chilled draft Orion on tap, Belle Vue beer, a selection of bottled beers and our original DOJO bar cocktails along with all your classic favourite cocktails. We also offered a delicious food menu featuring Okinawan and world fusion food using local produce.

The DOJO bar is unique in Okinawa, perhaps in the world. Okinawa is the home of karate and kobudo and the DOJO bar is a tribute to that heritage and a gateway for visitors to the island, its people and its rich fighting arts culture. We offer a truly special place, open and easily accessible to all, across cultures, countries and styles. So come check the DOJO bar out and tell us what you think!

Opening hours are 7pm – 1am and we are open every day. 

Find the DOJO bar on Sogenji-dori in Naha, Okinawa. Here’s a map. We are very close to Shureido.

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