Jun 03

DOJO Bar Awamori range – “The Karate Spirit” – now on sale!

Original Okinawa Karate Spirit

Introducing our very fine Okinawan awamori range which we like to call “The Karate Spirit”. Specially selected and blended awamori sake produced in Okinawa by the famous Higa family at the Masahiro distillery in Itoman, a family business with over 130 years of awamori production history.

Including a “Half Bottle” size which is perfect as a small gift or souvenir to take home. And our very fine 5 year aged “Masters Choice”, each bottle individually numbered and in an engraved wooden casket. A very special gift for those who appreciate the best.


Retail locations in Okinawa:

The DOJO Bar (Sogenjidori, Naha) – CLICK FOR MAP

Masahiro Shusou (Nishizaki, Itoman)

At this time we only have a licence to sell our awamori products in Japan so cannot unfortunately send these products overseas by post.

Factory tours and tasting visits are available at Masahiro upon request. Please contact James at info@dojobarnaha.com for more information and bookings.