Feb 04

YUIMARU HAKKEN – A new karate seminar event in Okinawa

The “Yuimaru Hakken” seminars start this year (2019).

In Okinawan “Yuimaru” refers to the circle of the people, the connections between people and “Hakken” is discovery. We intend that this seminar program will give you the opportunity to discover the Okinawan fighting arts, get to know highly respected teachers and experience the culture of the Okinawan islands.

Each seminar is a 12 day program including 3 days of intensive study with each of 3 Okinawan teachers PLUS 3 days of additional activity days to discover more of exciting and beautiful Okinawa.

Hi, I’m James Pankiewicz, Matsubayashiryu karate practitioner on Okinawa, founder of The DOJO Bar and more recently the Asato Dojo. I have been living here in Okinawa for almost 10 years now enjoying the ‘Okinawa Karate Life’ – training, learning and living the traditional values of Okinawan karate. I know I’m very fortunate to be able to enjoy this and deeply believe in the benefits of sharing opportunities to learn in Okinawa with others from around the world. The DOJO Bar was established in this spirit and the international 100 Kata Challenge events I started in 2014 are a way for many thousands of practitioners worldwide to connect with Karate Day in Okinawa every year .

Now, I’m very pleased to announce this new seminar program in Okinawa designed to give you more than most regular seminars here.

Seminar date still available in 2019:

  • December 21st to January 4th (2020). – Instructors: Nakasone Koichi sensei (Shuri-te), Yagi Isao sensei (Motobu-ryu), Gaja Takehiro sensei (Uechiryu)

Please follow this link or click on the poster images below for more information and to reserve your place.

Nov 04

2017 今忘年会、二次会、クリスマスパーティー, 2018 新年会の予約受付中です. お早めに!宜しくお願いします。




1. 飲み放題、食べ放題コース(特別メニュー) 3500円 (一人、3時間)

2. 二次会オファー :2ビールピッチャーまたは1ボトル泡盛の注文でマルガリータピザ一枚サービスでDOJOBarから!!



お問い合わせ:08039081712, (James). email :info@dojobarnaha.com 


Hi everyone. We are taking reservations now for Year End parties, Xmas parties and New Year parties . Fixed price all-you-can-drink & eat courses are available for group bookings. Please reserve tables early to avoid disappointment! The DOJO Bar is also available for private hire for large parties (30+). Please call 08039081712 (James). Or email us at info@dojobarnaha.com

***SPECIAL DISCOUNTS for DOJO OWNERS and LARGE GROUPS (20+) reservations***

Jun 07

Looking for a place to stay in Okinawa?

DOJO Bar recommended accommodation in Okinawa – includes 20% discount at DOJO Bar for all our guests!

We feature rooms to rent for 1 or 2 guests, or a small family sharing, for minimum of 3 nights in central Naha and next to the Karate Kaikan in Tomishiro. Long term bookings (i.e. 1 month or longer) are also welcome and we offer a discounted rate.


***LATEST NEWS*** – new 1 room and 2 bedroom apartments near The Karate Kaikan – AVAILABLE FOR BOOKING NOW – please Facebook message or email us to book for 2017/2018 – email us at info@dojobarnaha.com

In Naha, near the DOJO Bar and Makishi station:

4 private studio apartments which are great value for 1 or 2 people (or a small family sharing) and located in central Naha, next to DOJO Bar. Bicycle hire available & 20% discount @ DOJO Bar included too! Nearest monorail is Makishi station. Also very close to Shureido karate store.

Please click on the links below for pictures and full details. We can supply an extra futon for a 3rd guest upon request and at an extra charge of 2500 yen per night. To book please Facebook message or email us to book direct for lower cost deals – email us at info@dojobarnaha.com

OkinawaBnB on Facebook – click here for pictures and room descriptions



***LATEST NEWS*** – new 1 room and 2 bedroom apartments near The Karate Kaikan – AVAILABLE FOR BOOKING NOW – please Facebook message or email us to book for 2017/2018 – email us at info@dojobarnaha.com

Jun 03

DOJO Bar Awamori range – “The Karate Spirit” – now on sale!

Original Okinawa Karate Spirit

Introducing our very fine Okinawan awamori range which we like to call “The Karate Spirit”. Specially selected and blended awamori sake produced in Okinawa by the famous Higa family at the Masahiro distillery in Itoman, a family business with over 130 years of awamori production history.

Including a “Half Bottle” size which is perfect as a small gift or souvenir to take home. And our very fine 5 year aged “Masters Choice”, each bottle individually numbered and in an engraved wooden casket. A very special gift for those who appreciate the best.


Retail locations in Okinawa:

The DOJO Bar (Sogenjidori, Naha) – CLICK FOR MAP

Masahiro Shusou (Nishizaki, Itoman)

At this time we only have a licence to sell our awamori products in Japan so cannot unfortunately send these products overseas by post.

Factory tours and tasting visits are available at Masahiro upon request. Please contact James at info@dojobarnaha.com for more information and bookings.


Nov 25

Introducing The Okinawan Karate Nerd Programme (OKNP)

Would you like to experience Okinawa – the birthplace of Karate?

Today is your lucky day!



OKNP is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for two young Karate Nerds between the ages of 18-35 to fly to Okinawa and live there for 6-12 months and experience the Way of Karate at its source.

This programme is the result of an exclusive collaboration between Jesse Enkamp, chief karate nerd at KARATEbyJesse.com, and James Pankiewicz, founder of The DOJO Bar and Challenge Okinawa, together with Seishin International as proud sponsor.

If you are a young Karate Nerd who dreams of discovering the essence of Karate (…and yourself) – keep reading.

The Okinawan Karate Nerd Programme includes:

– 6 or 12 months living in Okinawa – the birthplace of Karate.

– Daily training with traditional Karate masters and living legends.

– Hands on involvement behind the scenes in Okinawan seminars and events.

– Working part time at The DOJO Bar and assisting at Challenge Okinawa (The 100 Kata Event, international seminars etc).

– Access to unique Okinawan cultural activities such as working in a awamori factory or with a master sanshin maker, exploring Okinawa’s mountain trails, or coastline on kayak, exploring Okinawa’s castles and caves, learn to cook traditional food etc.

If you are accepted into OKNP, the following will be provided for you:

– Pre-trip advice on visa application (applicant must apply themselves) and general preparation help.

– Airport pick up, good value accommodation (applicant pays) and orientation on Okinawa.

– Help with designing personal training programme, introductions to local teachers and access to other Karate resources.

– Part time work at The DOJO Bar & Cafe and/or as assistant in local Karate events.

– Introduction to cultural and learning opportunities such as Japanese lessons, calligraphy lessons, cooking classes etc.

– Special excursions and trips around Okinawa and nearby islands to discover unique locations and people.

– Any assistance required with other necessary services such as travel, local government, medical etc.

– Custom Seishin International kit; including The Seishin Gi, The Seishin Bag, The Seishin Bracelet etc.

– 6-12 month unlimited access to Karate Nerd Insider™, my private online weekly video subscription club.

– Personal online consultation and support from me during your entire stay in Okinawa.

Sounds amazing, right? Click here to read more and get access to the application form.

Dec 15

DOJO Bar 2016 Okinawa Tours – see more, do more in Okinawa!

Whether you are visiting Okinawa to see the sights or train karate, there is always so much more to see and do. At the DOJO Bar we often get asked for information on the best things to visit in Okinawa and requests for help in organizing travel around the island. So we decided to package up some of the most popular options, so you can discover and choose them for yourself. (Minimum group size – 6 persons. )

Here are the top 6 events we offer:
1. Beach Training and BBQ Party – a one day package for groups of 10+ at a beautiful beach location
2. Karate Museum visit and Training with local karate teacher – discover karate history and train with a 10th dan sensei
3. Northern Tour – visit the Aquarium, Orion Beer Factory and a historical site in one day
4. Forest Adventure and Flyboarding – climb and soar through the jungle then take off on a jetboard!
5. Southern Tour – Visit the Karate Kaikan, Underground Bunker, Peace Park and Sefa Utaki holy site
6. 1 day Scuba and Snorkeling Boat Trip – take a boat ride out to the Kerama islands and dive under the supervision of professional dive instructors. Or just snorkel and enjoy the floating above beautiful coral reef.

If you would like to book a tour organised by The DOJO Bar then please contact us via info@dojobarnaha.com or Facebook. Thanks and we look forward to seeing you in Okinawa.

Download our FREE PDF guide to fun days out around Okinawa – Download (PDF, 598KB)

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Sep 09

マネージャー募集中 – Bar Manager wanted


DOJO BAR マネージャー募集》











地元の方々に愛されるお店を目指しませんか。パーソナルスキルとして必要なのは、柔軟なアイデアをお客様やスタッフに提供できる方です。他社ではできない経験がDOJO BARで得る事ができます。DOJO BARから世界中に友人を作ってみませんか。



– スタッフの衛生意識管理や一定基準の身だしなみの管理。

– スタッフのスケジュール管理。 – 店舗の開閉店確認や店舗の安全対策。

– 開閉残高などの小口現金の管理。元帳の売上高と費用を記録し、領収書の整理及び、現金管理作業。

– 顧客へ商品提供をスムーズに行う為のスタッフ教育。

– 顧客へ一定のサービス提供を供給するための接客指導。

– 店内の衛生管理。その他メンテナンス。

– 在庫管理。提供する食品、飲み物やその他消耗品の使用期限管理と在庫管理。

– マーケティングとPR活動。ウェブ、モバイル、印刷物、PR、イベント活動などの宣伝活動。

– スペシャルイベントの管理。毎年恒例のイベントカレンダーを計画し、実施する。







¥130,000 基本給+ボーナス(売上高に基づいて)

Contact: info@dojobarnaha.com  or call James on 080-3908-1712


DOJO BAR Manager position – job description



The MANAGER is directly responsible for the running of the bar, the provision of the highest standards of customer service and for maintaining the reputation of the business. The MANAGER reports to the owner directly and is responsible for managing the performance of other employees when working together to achieve the goals stated above. The MANAGER is expected to be enthusiastic, energetic, upright and conscientious in the delivery of their responsibilities. They will be an example to all other employees of how to behave, and will be constantly in front of customers thus being ‘the face’ of the business.


– Reporting for work on time and with all necessary items of uniform, etc. Maintaining a high level of personal hygiene and tidy dress.

– Opening and closing the bar and ensuring all entrances are secure. Keeping Bar keys safe and secure at all times.

– Managing the cash till (opening and closing balances, etc) and petty cash purchases. Managing collection of receipts, recording sales and expenses in the ledger

– Cooking and bartending – ability to produce all items on the menu to the highest standard and in an acceptable time period

– Provision of customer service and management of other team members to ensure provision of customer service to the highest standards

– Cleanliness and maintenance of the premises

– Managing purchasing and stock levels for all food, drink and other consumables. Ordering and collection of supplies

– Marketing and PR activities to promote the bar both online and offline (web, mobile, printed materials, PR and event activities)

– Managing delivery of special events such as parties, BBQs. Planning annual events calendar



5 nights per week usually including weekends (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). Start time 18:00 – finish 02:00. (Start and finish times will vary according to day, work requirements and customers. The Employee is expected to be flexible to accommodate this reality)

Work schedules will be agreed between the Owner and the Manager in advance on a monthly basis. A typical working week would include 4 weekday nights (Mon – Fri) plus Saturday or Sunday.

In addition the Manager is expected to undertake shopping, maintenance and marketing activities which may fall outside the normal opening hours of the bar, as required.



Monthly pay (calendar month) – ¥130,000 base salary, plus bonus based on sales revenue.

1 free meal per working shift. Free non-alcoholic drinks during working hours. Half price on any drinks and food from the menu during non-working hours.

Free DOJO Bar t-shirts for use as uniform when working (4 per year). These are non-returnable.

There is no travel or accommodation allowance. But low cost accommodation can be provided upon request.

Overtime is not paid unless previously agreed with the Owner.



  • The Employee must have the legal right to work in Japan (working holiday visa, citizen, working visa, spouse visa, permanent resident, etc)
  • The Employee must not have any other employment which may conflict with their employment at The DOJO Bar (i.e. legally, contractually or working schedule, etc)
  • The Employee must be reasonably proficient in Japanese and English to a daily conversational level (i.e. ability to speak with customers politely and communicate accurately with suppliers, etc)
  • Non-smokers preferred.
  • Karate or other martial art practitioners preferred.


Contact: info@dojobarnaha.com  or call James on 080-3908-1712

Jul 07



弊社今回、「沖縄空手」をメインテーマに事業を進めていくことを、正式に認定して頂きました。皆様もご存じの通り「沖縄空手」は、沖縄が世界に誇る芸能文化であります。事実、海外の空手愛好家が、DOJO Barだけでも約50カ国の人々が訪れております。私たちが誇れる文化をもっと沢山の人々に知って頂く為にも、今回とても素晴らしい機会を頂けた事を、ここに感謝致します。これを皮切りに、県内の空手愛好家と共に沖縄空手を更に、盛り上げて行きたいと考えます。

チャレンジ沖縄合同会社は、スポーツ、教育、観光を主に様々なイベントやTシャツ、スポーツグッズを企画し、皆様にご提供するため、2014年ジェームズ パンキュビッチによって設立されました。弊社は、地域に根ざした活動を地元企業と共に行い、そして国際的なパートナーと連携し、沖縄を国外マーケットに流通させることを目標とし、今後も活発的に活動致します。弊社は、沖縄と国際社会が、経済、文化、教育などの交流を潤滑に行えるようサポートするため、スポーツイベントや空手セミナーの開催などに力を入れ、これからも活動致します。
チャレンジ沖縄合同会社詳細はこちらから –http://challengeokinawa.com/309-2/




Mar 29

DOJO Bar web banners – available for your blog and website

Hi DOJO Bar fans and friends. Here are a selection of web banners for you to freely use on your website or blog and link back to our DOJO Bar website (www.dojobarnaha.com). Just save the web banner image you like from this page to your PC, upload to your website image library and then add to your webpage along with this HTML code:

< a href=”www.dojobarnaha.com” target=”_blank” >< img src=”put your img url here” ></a >

Once you have added a DOJO Bar banner and link to your website, we’d really appreciate it if you could post the page link to our Facebook page too so we know and can thank you!

Find us on Facebook here – http://www.facebook.com/DOJObarnaha

Banner 1: Vertical static image, suitable for narrow side column spaces on your website

Banner 2: Horizontal static image, suitable for wider side column, top or bottom spaces on your website


Banner 3: A 3 image GIF showing a little more of the great atmosphere at the DOJO Bar!


Apr 02

DOJO Bar features on the front cover of Okinawa Nightlife Guide

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