Jun 07

Looking for a place to stay in Okinawa?

DOJO Bar recommended accommodation in Okinawa – includes 20% discount at DOJO Bar for all our guests!

We feature rooms to rent for 1 or 2 guests, or a small family sharing, for minimum of 3 nights in central Naha. Long term bookings (i.e. 1 month or longer) are also welcome and we offer a discounted rate.

In Naha, near the DOJO Bar and Makishi station:

4 private studio apartments which are great value for 1 or 2 people (or a small family sharing) and located in central Naha, next to DOJO Bar. 20% discount @ DOJO Bar included too! Nearest monorail is Makishi station. Also very close to Shureido karate store.

Please click on the links below for pictures and full details. We can supply an extra futon for a 3rd guest upon request and at an extra charge per night. To book please Facebook message or email us to book direct for lower cost deals – email us at info@dojobarnaha.com

OkinawaBnB on Facebook – click here for pictures and room descriptions